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Space ship (PD)

EU to Welcome Martian Asylum Seekers

With news believed to be imminent that NASA has found life on Mars, the European Union is expected to extend a welcome to all Martian asylum seekers wishing to leave the Red Planet. Not only…

Jeremy Corbyn 2 by Global Justice Now (CC-BY-2.0)

Jeremy Corbyn spotted not looking odd

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been spotted not looking odd in anyway shape or form. Queueing in a West London coffee shop for a latte, Jeremy Corbyn was seen standing perfectly still with a smile on…

Tony Blair by Gary Barker

Tony Blair’s conscience has been found

Tony Blair’s conscience has been found inside the mind of a Tibetan boy who is said to be Mr Blair’s conscience reincarnated. The unexpected discovery was made in Lhasa when a young boy ran home crying…