Articles by Joe-Bloggs

Tony Blair by WEF

I’m back! Says Tony Blair

It looks like Teflon Tony is set to make a return to British domestic politics despite leaving the sinking ship in the hands of a hapless Gordon Brown just about the day before UK Ltd…

Fairy Penguins at Sea World

The adventures of Dirk the penguin

Dirk, a seven year-old fairy penguin, was having a quiet night in at Sea World on Queensland’s Gold Coast, with his girlfriend Peaches when he was accosted by two drunken Welshmen bent on ‘having a…


Markets rally because they feel like it

Europe is on the precipice of economic collapse and not single political party in the Eurozone can form a cohesive government yet markets have rebounded because they see no reason not to.

MP resting in Westminster

MPs right to drink

The Speaker of the House of Commons, in his capacity as the Chair of the Commons Commission, has decided to interfere in the rights of MPs to get sozzled whilst attending Parliament.

Christine Lagarde by MEDEF

Another £10 billion for the IMF

So our Chancellor has decided just about unilaterally to give another £10 billion of taxpayers’ money to the International Monetary Fund.

Barclays Bank-by Richard Hoare

Banks mis-selling more than PPI

After banker bonuses and then the banks mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance comes another revelation. The latest sharp practice of the money hungry banks takes the form of selling small and medium sized companies (SME) a…