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Tony Blair by Gary Barker

Tony Blair’s conscience has been found

Tony Blair’s conscience has been found inside the mind of a Tibetan boy who is said to be Mr Blair’s conscience reincarnated. The unexpected discovery was made in Lhasa when a young boy ran home crying…

Bank of England (PD)

So You’re a Rich Banker

So you’re a rich banker …. 1. So you’re a rich banker, and we gotta thank ya for stealing our money and honey 2. you have the upper hand and the fat of the land…

NY Sweatshop (PD)

Subsidies for Sweatshops

The chancellor has hailed his trip to China as a great success and said that we have much to learn from the Chinese. We must become more ambitious as a nation in order to compete…


EU ready to impose tax on passing wind

Some recent research indicates that dinosaurs were large enough and plentiful enough to have passed sufficient wind to change the climate. This has led to urgent moves by the EU Commission to implement pre-emptive measures…

Houses of parliament

Compulsory hazing for MPs

The government is so concerned about the low esteem in which the public hold squabbling politicians that they are looking at ways of making them work more cohesively.