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McD-Double-Cheeseburger By Evan-Amos

Extra Cheese with that?

Christine Faith Baker from Manatee in South West Florida was arrested after allegedly offering sex for 2 McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburgers.

Petrol Pump

Petrol over £1.40p a litre

That puts the price of petrol at £6.36p a gallon for all us older fogeys who still think in Imperial measures. According to the AA the average price for a litre of petrol is now…

Barclays Bank-by Richard Hoare

Banks mis-selling more than PPI

After banker bonuses and then the banks mis-selling Payment Protection Insurance comes another revelation. The latest sharp practice of the money hungry banks takes the form of selling small and medium sized companies (SME) a…

Nigel Farage MEP by Euro Realist Newsletter

So the UK government does kow-tow to Europe

Some people may now be puzzled as to why the question of allowing gays to use the trappings of marriage has suddenly become so all-consuming. After all the matter was not a priority for the…

UK elite troops are being poached

Many of the UK’s elite forces troops are being lured away from service to their country to join private security firms for more money and less risk. There, it’s good to see true capitalism at…