NY Sweatshop (PD)

Subsidies for Sweatshops

The chancellor has hailed his trip to China as a great success and said that we have much to learn from the Chinese. We must become more ambitious as a nation in order to compete…

Houses of parliament

Compulsory hazing for MPs

The government is so concerned about the low esteem in which the public hold squabbling politicians that they are looking at ways of making them work more cohesively.

Tony Blair by WEF

I’m back! Says Tony Blair

It looks like Teflon Tony is set to make a return to British domestic politics despite leaving the sinking ship in the hands of a hapless Gordon Brown just about the day before UK Ltd…

Downing Street Sign

UK is back in recession

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the UK’s economy shrank in the first three months of the year by 0.2%. This on top of the last three months of 2011…

Christine Lagarde by MEDEF

Another £10 billion for the IMF

So our Chancellor has decided just about unilaterally to give another £10 billion of taxpayers’ money to the International Monetary Fund.