Talking to Sky News the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, said that voter apathy helped maintain good government.

He pointed out that, as all the three main parties are essentially the same and offering basically the same solutions to the same perceived problems, we were therefore always sure of voting in a known accepted party into power. Even in coalition.

Far from being a problem he said this was a boon to the country as big businesses and foreign powers alike know the type of people they would be dealing with. That is people like them. This is because a general election would therefore not bring huge changes and associated risk.

The main parties of Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats” he said “have been working hard together on this for decades now. We understand that should a new party, such as UKIP or the Greens for example, get in it would bring with it huge upheavals. Can you imagine the repercussions should we be forced to quickly leave the EU, or maybe shut down all coal, gas and nuclear power stations for some windmills?” he asked.

No” he went on “far better just to give the voters the illusion of choice so that the function of government can carry on without the added hindrances of real democracy.”

He then pointed out what happens when the voters begin to think that there are other alternatives “Just look what happened in Bradford West.” he said “Now we have George Galloway trying to put his fly in the ointment when what we really need is another loyal placeman to work with us instead of obstructing us.”

The next move” he went on “will be taxpayer funded political parties. This will ensure that only acceptable people will get funding so stopping fly-by-night chancers upsetting our nice stable applecart.”

Just look around you at this wonderful country.” Said the Speaker “The solid continuation of our stable government is what has got us here. If voters were misguided by political malcontents to vote for other parties then we would end up with uncertainty and chaos. And uncertainty and chaos are not the British way.”

John Bercow

John Bercow

Image by Office of John Bercow [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons