Is there a UFO base in Pic de Bugarach France?

It seems that there is a French link to UFOs. On 13th March 2012 at Pic de Bugarach, France, a strange sighting was made.

According to this report a UFO was observed flying around the area for about an hour.

The eyewitness said that although they didn’t believe in UFOs they had seen nothing like this before.

The video by Mark J Miller does show something flitting about the mountain tops.

As to whether this mountain top contains an entrance to an alien underground base as the article puts forward as a possibility is another matter.

But what is it?

The eyewitness said “UFO sighting at Pic de Bugarach in France on March 13, 2012. I really don’t believe in Aliens and UFOs, but in my whole life, I have never seen something like this before! On our way to the village of Bugarach, we could see that UFO over the mountain for at least one hour, flying around the peak, appeared and disappeared every few seconds. I don’t thing it was a plane because of its strange flying route and its strong light. What do you think it was??? Please watch in Full-HD so you can see the UFO above the mountain! Video by Mark J. Miller, thanks for sharing it!

More likely a reflection on the camera lens!

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2 Comments on "Is there a UFO base in Pic de Bugarach France?"

  1. This isn’t the only facet to the story of Bugarach.

    According to the Independent hippies are converging on the spot know as ‘the upside down mountain’ so that they can be saved by aliens from the coming apocalypse.

  2. U.F.O.’s are real because me and my x fiance seen a huge triangle that was as big as at least 15 or 20 aircraft carriers halfway between Great Cacapon and Paw Paw Wv. while were out in the woods,and to be honest we never talked about it which was a shame and why we didn’t I couldn’t tell you, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen it had six thruster’s that on the bottom and three bigger ones on the back that were lit up with a light blue light which I guess since Ive had time to think about it must have been some kind of cold the ship had multiple decks , I had my 270 deer rifle with a nice tasco scope and looked through the scope and saw closer to see many many windows that ran the length of the ship on each deck, I almost took a shot at it lol to this day I’m glad I didnt even if i did I wouldnt have reached it and if i did reach it they wouldn’t have noticed it I’m sure and to tell you the truth which every word is, I wish I never saw the damn thing. And for years I never told anybody for fear they would think I was crazy or just making it up but finally came to the conclusion I dont really care because I know what I saw, and I dont need people to believe me in order to justify what happened.

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