Author: Alan Bush

EU flag to fly over Whitehall – permanently

At present the EU flag has to be flown outside the local government headquarters in Westminster for one week every year starting on the 9th May, Europe Day. [adsenseyu1]But that could all change, says the Mail. Under a new proposal, which had our Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government reportedly in a bit of a rage, the flag would have to fly their every day. This would be to recognise the part the EU has played in providing development funding. Mr Pickles has had his purple-faced rant and told them to ‘grow up’ saying that this demand...

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Peter Stringfellow backs UKIP on business

Peter Stringfellow has come out in support of Lord Bradford’s pro business agenda for London’s Westminster City Council says UKIP. [adsenseyu1]Both men see the proposals to impose week-end and evening parking charges in the West End and anti-business. Lord Bradford said that he was ‘utterly incensed’ with the proposals and Peter Stringfellow said that ‘It was getting to the stage where jobs were on the line and people wouldn’t be able to afford to work in the West End.’ Peter Stringfellow has congratulated the 7th Earl of Bradford, Richard Bridgeman, on starting the opposition to the parking charge proposals,...

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Crime threatens global development

Yuri Fedotov, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), pointed to crime as a major problem in the drive for global development at the 21st session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. [adsenseyu1]“As we move towards 2015,” he said “and taking stock of the Millennium Development Goals, there is a growing recognition that transnational threats, such as organized crime and illicit trafficking, violence and corruption are major impediments to their achievement.” He went on to say that weak and vulnerable countries were at particular risk from the effects of ‘transnational...

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Mortgage interest only time bomb

Many people have over the years succumbed to the attractions of an interest only mortgage. This, they reason, will either allow them to keep their payments down, let them invest the money saved into an ISA or pension maybe and get an overall better return or perhaps allow them to over pay when they can if they have an erratic income or they expect their income to go up in future years. [adsenseyu1]Some are also swayed by the argument that over a 25 year period or more the mortgage amount owing will be eroded by inflation and dwarfed by...

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