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David Cameron is Peppa Pig’s father

In bizarre love triangle DNA results have confirmed that Prime Minister, David Cameron, is Peppa Pig’s father [adsenseyu1]An embarrassed Mummy Pig has gone into hiding after the revelations of her tryst with David Cameron were printed in a new book by Mr Cat, who is also said to have had carnal knowledge with Mummy Pig and David Cameron. Mr Cat said “Thank goodness it wasn’t me, I was bricking it when the DNA results first came in after a swab was taken from one of my whiskers. “Luckily Mrs Cat has taken me back after she booted me out of our...

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Cameron: ‘Foreign criminals are good for Britain’

Prime Minister David Cameron has said “Foreign criminal gangs from Eastern Europe are good for Britain and the safety of the British people”. Mr Cameron said “In Britain there is no racism or discrimination towards Eastern European gangs and we welcome the criminal elements from around the world regardless of wherever they come from because security against crime is a growth industry in Britain and we are expecting a surge in the burglar alarm sector creating more jobs for Brits” [adsenseyu1]“If it were not for the much expected influx of criminal gangs we would not be able to sleep at night for fear...

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Chelsea shock as they reach the final

Chelsea certainly upset the form book as they beat Barcelona, arguably the best club side on the planet, on aggregate to make the Champions League final. [adsenseyu1]After losing at Stamford Bridge 1-0 in the first leg, Barcelona was still expected to take a home win at Nou Camp and go through. This feeling was boosted when the Chelsea captain, John Terry, was given a red card for inexplicably kneeing Barca’s Alexis Sanchez in the back. A completely stupid thing to do at such a critical time. But the Blues did not fold. Robert di Matteo’s men stuck to the...

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The truth behind the fuel panic?

When ministers were coming out with their advice to fill a jerry can etc during the last fuel strike scare many people I know had their own pet theories. [adsenseyu1]Ministers, they surmised, couldn’t possibly be that stupid could they? So there must be a reason for them wanting the whole country to top up their car and lorry fuel tanks. One obvious possibility was that it would take the sting out of a strike if most people would not be affected for a week or two with soldiers driving tankers supplying immediate need. A more unlikely scenario was that...

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Captain’s Chair exercise and the ‘Coregasm’

So that’s why all the girls queue up for the abdominal machine in the gym. It turns out that the much touted concept of the exercise induced orgasm (EIO) that some women report experiencing is a true phenomenon says a recent study at Indiana University. [adsenseyu1]And the exercise that’s most likely to trigger such a response is any exercise that uses the core muscle groups. Amongst these exercises are the chin-up, rope climbing, crunches on an exercise ball, lying on the back cycling but mostly the ‘Captain’s Chair’ (sometimes called the Roman Chair). The Captain’s Chair is a static...

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