Author: Erica James

Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd enjoy night out

Singer, Katy Perry and Florence and The Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd have been spotted smooching and canoodling with one another. [adsenseyu1]The couple were seen together during Rihanna’s gig at the Coachella festival and they seemed to be getting along rather well with an obvious public display of affection giving rise to speculation over the nature of their friendship. Katy Perry, who recently split with husband Russell Brand, went on to have an alleged fling with model Baptiste Giabiconi but it appears as if that is all now behind her. Robert is a real improvement on Russell, but if the rumours about...

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Facebook, be careful what you put on it

People may like to plaster their lives all over Facebook but there are drawbacks as Claire Earith discovered. [adsenseyu1]Not only are employers scouring Facebook to find out what they can about prospective (and even current) employees, the benefits people are at it too. Claire Earith claimed that she was a single mother living with her two children, says the Express. But after a tip off to the council, officials checked her Facebook account and found out that she was living under the same roof with a Christopher Fuller. As a result she had been overpaid £21,047.76p because she did...

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