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Andrew Basiago claims to have travelled in time

A video has hit the internet of an attorney from Seattle claiming to have been part of a US government time travel program. [adsenseyu1]Andrew Basiago has said that between the ages of 7 and 12 he was a guinea pig in the ‘Project Pegasus’ in the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Apparently Project Pegasus was a Defence department project that used Nikola Tesla’s unpublished papers to devise systems of time travel that allowed physical time travel and teleportation as well as other systems where past events could be recreated and viewed. Basiago’s father was also involved in the program he says, which tested the effects of time...

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How dangerous is Rupert Murdoch to politicians?

We all know that governments court the press, but at what point do such relationships become dangerous to the credibility of both parties. [adsenseyu1]It should come as no surprise that, once cornered, Rupert and James Murdoch would start firing shots across the bows to remind politicians who they got into bed with. Both Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron were in close personal contact with Murdoch Jnr on matters regarding the then proposed BSkysB takeover bid and it looks as if the Culture Secretary was prepared to divulge confidential information beneficial to the bid. As the Leveson inquiry progresses it becomes more apparent by the day that...

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Thomas de Wesselow fails to debunk the Turin Shroud resurrection

Cambridge Art Historian Thomas de Wesselow has failed  to debunk the Turin Shroud as proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. [adsenseyu1]De Wesselow, who is a renowned art historian, has speculated that if the Turin Shroud is the death robe of Christ it would have made the followers of Christ believe that he had risen from the grave because of the representational imprint on the linen cloth. He went on to say that the shroud was probably not a medieval hoax because it does not resemble any other art of the time. In other words the resurrection of Jesus Christ was more symbolic in nature...

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