Johnny Briggs, who played Mike Baldwin for 30 years in Corrie, has said that he has bedded more women than former co-star Bill Roache.

[adsenseyu1]It looks as if there might have been more than on-screen rivalry between the Coronation Street actors Bill Roache and Johnny Briggs.

Bill famously came out recently saying that he had bedded over 1,000 women in the past but this time his nemesis from Coronation Street has said that he has played hide the sausage with more women than Roache.

Speaking to the Mirror Johnny described himself in the past as “a bit of a ladies’ man” who was surprised at the amount of women that Bill Roache had slept with.

Johnny said “I don’t know if I can say how many I’ve bedded, but it’s probably more than him.”

The two old lotharios seem to be pitted in a battle of virility, but it was Roache who described sleeping with many women as not being big or clever.

One wonders of Johnny secretly misses the on screen rivalry he shared with Bill on Coronation Street for so many years, hence his competitive comments.

You get the feeling the two of them would regularly size each other up at the urinal.


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