Singer, Katy Perry and Florence and The Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd have been spotted smooching and canoodling with one another.

[adsenseyu1]The couple were seen together during Rihanna’s gig at the Coachella festival and they seemed to be getting along rather well with an obvious public display of affection giving rise to speculation over the nature of their friendship.

Katy Perry, who recently split with husband Russell Brand, went on to have an alleged fling with model Baptiste Giabiconi but it appears as if that is all now behind her.

Robert is a real improvement on Russell, but if the rumours about this relationship are true and the photos circulating the web of her enjoying his company are confirmation of new love then she is having a rebound with style.

We are not jealous of you Katy as you go from one hot man to another but share the love a little sister.

You don’t need to show us mere mortals that you can have all the hottest men in the world drooling over you, we already know.

Or are you just showing Russell that anything he can do you can do better? After all he has been pictured with a legion of women of late.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry by Jeff Denberg

Image by Jeff Denberg from Canada (Katy Perry – MMVA Soundcheck) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons