Simon Cowell got a bit of a shock when a rather exuberant female fan broke into the music mogul’s London home.

[adsenseyu1]Apparently 52 year old Cowell was going about his business at home watching television (specifically himself on the Jonathan Ross show) when a fan broke into his bathroom and made her way quite freely into his living room.

The shocked X Factor judge was unpleasantly surprised to find the fan intrusively encroaching on his privacy, the confrontation of which is reported to have been akin to “something out of a horror movie” for Cowell.

Simon Cowell had only just finished appearing on Britain’s Got Talent 90 minutes previously, which is a show in a ratings war with BBC’s The Voice.

The intruder made her way into Cowell’s home by smashing the downstairs bathroom window of his Holland Park £9 million home in West London.

The break in has been taken by Simon Cowell as a warning of a future potential threat to his safety and the fact that the assailant was armed with a brick at the time was simply luck as it could have been a more serious weapon such as a gun or a knife.

Cowell has previously stated that his home is as safe as the Bank of England, he is probably right there.


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