Ben Gilroy and John Squires’s injunction to prevent the next payment to the banks of 3.1 billion Euros has been dismissed by the High court.

[adsenseyu1]Justice Mary Laffoy refused the injunction by Squire and Gilroy from the group People for Economic Justice on the grounds that the applicants failed to inform and give notice to the defendants or issue notice of the motion with a request for the court to determine the issue.

Ms Laffroy also said that she did not deem the matter of sufficient urgency to the application and would require consultation from the state first.

The application for a  itself was aimed at preventing Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister to those reading from outside the emerald isle) and  finance minister, Michael Noonan, from making the payment to the banks such as the Anglo Irish Bank using public money.

Of course Mr Gilroy was saddened at the news of the High Court’s decision and he is not alone there.

Ben Gilroy has become something of a national hero in Ireland as he has been actively trying to expose and battle against the systemic corruption that he says exists in the Irish system.

The people of Ireland are sick of being drained of their finances to prop up corrupt banks and are getting close to taking to the streets en mass as their government turns its back on the very people who voted them into power.