The chaos we are seeing at our petrol pumps is not just a reflection of bad administration at the heart of government but proof of it.

Lets take a look at the basic facts about this fuel crisis and the way the government has responded.

[adsenseyu1]A ‘potential‘ strike by fuel tanker drivers which may or may not happen with further union negotiations next week has inspired government ministers to tell the  British public to stock up on fuel completely oblivious to the ‘potential‘ panic buying.

No one is even sure if more than half the union member tanker drivers who have approved strike action will even partake in the strike itself.

So what justifiable reason is there to start panic buying? One would almost consider the possibility that it was the intention of ministers to create this chaos to mask the terrible growth figures, which show the economy is now back in recession.

A case of burying the very bad news with even more very bad news.

The descrepencies relating to advice from within the government are truly breathtaking when you consider what we’ve been told variously to do:

a. Fill your car up with fuel and a jerry can to store in the garage.

b. Just fill your car up.

c. Go about your business as normal and don’t waste your time queueing outside petrol stations.

Nothing like a clear and concise message from the people who are running the country is there?

The panic is so bad that petrol stations are now being closed down by the police beciase the queues for fuel are so bad that they are causing a ‘potential’ hazard to road safety.

Oh, and the military have been called in to drive the tankers so don’t worry everyone there is no crisis, we are just calling the military in to do the tasks that the general public would normally undertake.

And to hold the government to account for this sheer incompetence we have the most capable Ed Miliband ready to give the government a real grilling.

I can see Cameron and Co. shaking in their Bullingdon boots at the prospect of facing Miliband at Prime Ministers Questions.

Never have the British people been so let down by the inept self serving political class as now.

When will the British people wake up to the fact that the well spoken man in a nice suit with a red, yellow or blue rosette on the television just before the general election trying to get your vote is a actually a clueless prat who is little more than a political salesman who in secret looks down on the great unwashed with disdain.


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