So that’s why all the girls queue up for the abdominal machine in the gym.

It turns out that the much touted concept of the exercise induced orgasm (EIO) that some women report experiencing is a true phenomenon says a recent study at Indiana University.

[adsenseyu1]And the exercise that’s most likely to trigger such a response is any exercise that uses the core muscle groups. Amongst these exercises are the chin-up, rope climbing, crunches on an exercise ball, lying on the back cycling but mostly the ‘Captain’s Chair’ (sometimes called the Roman Chair).

The Captain’s Chair is a static abdominal exercising structure that consists of two padded arm rests that you put your forearms on to support yourself letting your legs dangle free. You then lift your legs up, which crunches your abs (see video below – I’ve used one of a man using it otherwise you’d get wondering wouldn’t you).

Indiana University surveyed hundreds of women between the ages of 18 and 64 who said that they had experienced EIO with almost half saying it had happened to them on over ten occasions.

The coregasm first emerged as a concept in 1953 but has been little or no research into it until now. But it does seem that the women who suffer experience it were not thinking about sex, it seems to be more of a mechanical event.

Some of the comments on the whole coregasm thing in the Mail are worth a read.

Now girls, you’d better get that gym membership started or, if you feel self-conscious about it like some of the people surveyed in the study, get on the web and have a Captain’s Chair delivered to the comfort of your own home.