Chelsea certainly upset the form book as they beat Barcelona, arguably the best club side on the planet, on aggregate to make the Champions League final.

[adsenseyu1]After losing at Stamford Bridge 1-0 in the first leg, Barcelona was still expected to take a home win at Nou Camp and go through.

This feeling was boosted when the Chelsea captain, John Terry, was given a red card for inexplicably kneeing Barca’s Alexis Sanchez in the back. A completely stupid thing to do at such a critical time.

But the Blues did not fold. Robert di Matteo’s men stuck to the game and, despite only having about 20% of possession and being 2-0 down, withstood the Barca onslaught and managed a draw on the night which, with their previous 1-0 win at home was enough to take them through.

If the match seemed to take a turn for the worse for Chelsea when Terry was unceremoniously ejected from the game, the momentum swung the other way when Lionel Messi’s penalty thudded off the crossbar giving Chelsea some much needed respite.

Barcelona’s manager, Pep, Guardiola, said afterwards that despite everything his side did scoring that extra needed goal was beyond them on the night. “I think we failed because we did everything we could but we couldn’t score and football is about scoring”. He said.

But the real sting must have come when, at 2-1 up and all the play on Barcelona’s side, Chelsea’s Jose Bosingwa hoofed the ball down the pitch and found the grateful feet of Fernandez Torres who easily beat the Barca ‘keeper and put the ball in the net in the games 89th minute.

For Chelsea a mix of luck and sheer doggedness in defence got them through against a superior side.


Nou Camp

Nou Camp

Image from Wikimedia Commons