Prime Minister David Cameron has said “Foreign criminal gangs from Eastern Europe are good for Britain and the safety of the British people”.

David Cameron

David Cameron

Mr Cameron said “In Britain there is no racism or discrimination towards Eastern European gangs and we welcome the criminal elements from around the world regardless of wherever they come from because security against crime is a growth industry in Britain and we are expecting a surge in the burglar alarm sector creating more jobs for Brits”

[adsenseyu1]“If it were not for the much expected influx of criminal gangs we would not be able to sleep at night for fear of having not to worry about an increase of crime”

The announcement was made during an after dinner speech to the Romanian chamber of Corruption and Backhanders much to the delight of Romanian Minister for Mass Deportation, Outyou Goski.

Mr Goski said “We welcome this news From Mr Cameron even though it gives a negative stereotyping to the decent people of Romania who simply want to do their bit for Romania by redistributing the wealth of the British people to Romania”.

When asked if these comments by David Cameron were in anyway influenced by financial recompense Mr Goski replied “I am deeply offended by the the insinuation that a simple gift of 30 gold bars could be construed as a bribe, it is part of our culture to give foreign dignitaries gifts for favourable endorsement”.

Image – Open Government Licence.