Christine Faith Baker from Manatee in South West Florida was arrested after allegedly offering sex for 2 McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburgers.

[adsenseyu1]The 47 year old was invited into a car by an undercover police officer from the Manatee County Sheriff Office’s special investigations division who then was allegedly offered sex in return for 2 cheeseburgers costing $2.75 and a $40 tip for her services.

Ms Maker was then bought the cheeseburgers by the generous officer and she directed said officer to a quiet parking lot where she was arrested for prostitution.

It is easy to laugh at this tale but I would urge some sympathy for this woman who is clearly not in the best place in her life.

She may have been desperate and hungry and who knows what one will do for money in a country where the have nots are having less by the day as the rich grow richer and the corrupt American government does all it can to support corrupt banks which feed on the poor and have destroyed the United States.

By the grace of God we are not in the position of Christine Faith Baker.


McD-Double-Cheeseburger By Evan-Amos

McD-Double-Cheeseburger By Evan-Amos

By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons