Department of education figures show that in over 1,600 schools across the UK English is not the first language of over half their pupils.

[adsenseyu1]When Labour came to power in 1997 this stood at 866 schools and that has nearly doubled now to 1,638 out of the 24,500 schools in the country.

As nothing was done one assumes that those in power thought that the problem would go away over time. But it is now an increasing  problem.

This matter was also highlighted back in 2007 when the number of schools where over half the children did not speak English as their first language stood at 1,300. A situation which at the time merited ‘immediate action’, but nothing it seems has happened.

Multiculturalism is fine as long as there is a predominant culture across the land. But now we are seeing a slow increase in the erosion of British culture. After all, if the English language is not your first tongue then how can British culture be predominant?

Let’s look at the 97 schools where children who do have English as their first language are outnumbered twenty to one. What chance do any of the children whatever their backgrounds have in that environment.

To many misguided and foolish people this is a good sign of diversity that will enrich our country.

You just try telling that to the children in the future when they grow up and try and get a job outside the tight confines of what will become a closed ghetto.


But by then of course that will be ‘society’s fault‘ for not educating them. And guess what? It is society’s fault for allowing too many into isolated areas without proper support for integration. We’ll soon have to have special allowances for them of possibly affirmative action to make employers take non English speaking/writing people on and give them training.

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Then there is the eternal problem of ‘human rights‘. You can see it coming can’t you? Britain will be dragged through the ECHR because of its failings to ensure these people can speak English and get jobs. And I’m not just talking about the children of immigrants here, I’m also talking about the children of English speaking families who end up in one of these schools.

We are storing up problems for ourselves. If it takes an army of teachers and smaller class sizes to get these children all speaking English fluently to address this then so be it.

This issue should be addressed now. In Churchill’s words – Action This Day!