At present the EU flag has to be flown outside the local government headquarters in Westminster for one week every year starting on the 9th May, Europe Day.

[adsenseyu1]But that could all change, says the Mail. Under a new proposal, which had our Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government reportedly in a bit of a rage, the flag would have to fly their every day.

This would be to recognise the part the EU has played in providing development funding.

Mr Pickles has had his purple-faced rant and told them to ‘grow up’ saying that this demand showed that the EU has a ‘deep sense of political insecurity’. But of course his words will change nothing the flags will fly further and higher over Britain as time passes.

But we in the UK should never forget that the EU is not providing us with new money, it is merely re-directing money that we gave it back to us, and far less then we put in too.

So why should we have to acknowledge this?

No, this is all about the gradual stealthy approach the EU has in diminishing our sovereignty.

Flags are important, whatever people may say. Otherwise why are so many flown around the world? Do you remember the furore when the flag still flew at full mast above the palace after the death of Princess Diana?

Keeping the EU flag flying above Westminster and any other public body they can also force to, will further reinforce the perception that the EU has authority over all aspects of our lives. Is this what we want?

It is up to you whether this happens in the future, yes it all depends on who you vote for. If you vote for any of the big LabLibCon three then you are voting for the EU to continue to expand its influence over your lives. But a cross in the box for UKIP would start the long hard road back to the UK as a fully self governing democracy.


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