People may like to plaster their lives all over Facebook but there are drawbacks as Claire Earith discovered.

[adsenseyu1]Not only are employers scouring Facebook to find out what they can about prospective (and even current) employees, the benefits people are at it too.

Claire Earith claimed that she was a single mother living with her two children, says the Express. But after a tip off to the council, officials checked her Facebook account and found out that she was living under the same roof with a Christopher Fuller.

As a result she had been overpaid £21,047.76p because she did not tell anyone in authority about her change of circumstances says the Express.

She was ordered to pay £525 costs and do 180 hours community work after admitting to two counts of failing to notify of a change in circumstances.

The total over-claimed was made up of £9,914.36p in housing benefit, £2,083.32p in council tax benefit and £9.050.08p in income support from the Department of Works and Pensions reports the Express.

Facebook is great for keeping people up to date with your life, but sometimes it seems people are treating it like a private conversation with friends rather that what it really is, an open transmission to everyone on the planet.

Now the benefits checkers have a cast-iron defence to spend hours a day on Facebook.