Twickenham rugby stadium turned into a deadly giant swimming pool of Welsh sperm as every Welshman simultaneously exploded in an orgasm releasing 100 times their bodyweight in semen drowning every English rugby fan.

[adsenseyu1]Luckily no Welsh rugby fans were killed becasue the explosion fired the Welshmen into the Owain Glyndwr pub in Cardiff, whilst women fans were saved as a red dragon swept down, carried them away and safely dropped them off across the Severn Bridge.

However, it is believed that all the surviving women are now pregnant with George North’s children.

The Prince of Wales survived the disaster by making a raft of Dan Biggar’s successfully converted rugby balls tied together with floating England scarves.

In a tragic scene reminiscent of Titanic, Prince William held onto his brother but was unable to prevent him from slipping down into the depths of Welsh bodily fluids due to slippery hands.

Victims bodies will not be removed and Twickenham is to be sealed off by Damien Hirst as an art exhibit to go alongside his sharks.