The Green Party has declared at its annual conference that housing is a basic human right and that everyone is therefore entitled to a state yurt.

[adsenseyu1]The Green Party said that its conference had “…voted to explore innovative ways to tackle homelessness, recognising that many rough sleepers have multiple needs”.

Pointing to the 67,000 homeless people in the UK at present the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennet, said that the homeless number had gone up 12 percent.

We will end this shameful state of affairs.” She said “We will, if elected, ensure that everyone is given a plot of land, a yurt kit as well as access to unlimited supplies of wattle and daub to ensure they can build themselves a hovel fit for the 21st century. Everyone will also get starter kitchen garden kit and some firelighters for the outside stove.


Although the plans are sketchy at present it is understood that single people will be entitled to a one room yurt near communal bathing facilities and a sandal recycling centre. Families will be entitled to the two room version that helps bind families closer together said a Green Party spokesperson.

Working from home will be encouraged with the Greens hoping that a whole new industries in yoghurt and wooden bicycles will be the driving force for the nation going forward.

The yurts will be organised in small communities across the land and the Greens believe that, as time goes on, the yurt community will become the preferred norm for everyone.

Only the Greens are thinking of the homeless,” said Bennett.