It looks like Teflon Tony is set to make a return to British domestic politics despite leaving the sinking ship in the hands of a hapless Gordon Brown just about the day before UK Ltd went belly up five years ago.

Not only has Tony Blair appointed a new communications chief, Rachel Grant a former Downing Street Press Officer, he also said “…that berk Miliblunder had better watch out!” He then said that once he had his safe seat sorted and had his God-given leadership of the party back ‘Calamity Cameron’ shouldn’t be counting on too many more days in Number Ten. “He’s been a disaster, just doesn’t know how to spin his way out of a paper bag, let alone out of a massive recession” he said.

He also went on to stress his formidable political strengths and how they could be applied. “I’m a true entrepreneur, we need people like me in government, people who have been successful in business and politics. I also know instinctively how to create a total mess while taking all the praise then when to bail out and leave others to take the blame. What more do you need from a British Prime Minister?” he asked.

I give the people what they want, free money (for now) no questions asked and no answers given with a pledge that while I’m around they won’t have to pay for it. And they get suckered in every time!” he added.

When asked who he would have in his cabinet team he expressed some disdain for everyone else. “Well Miliblunder and Ballsup can forget it” he said “And Gordo’s already been sniffing about so I’ve had to tell him to b****r off. In fact I think a more presidential approach would be a better alternative so I won’t actually need a cabinet. But I will need a legal minister and I know just the wife … erm …. person.” He said.

Many political bloggers are welcoming his return and are sharpening their pencils in readiness.


Tony Blair by WEF

Tony Blair by WEF

Image – Copyright World Economic Forum ( Remy Steinegger (World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2008) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons