Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has been spotted not looking odd in anyway shape or form.

[adsenseyu1]Queueing in a West London coffee shop for a latte, Jeremy Corbyn was seen standing perfectly still with a smile on his face, not making any odd expressions or exhibiting and strange behavior.

Mrs Gladys McCartney of Lower Sweatshop avenue North Woolwich said “I was most shocked and thought it I must have had my frappuccino spiked with LSD, he really did seem to be normal and his demeanor was not odd in any way.”

The Labour party has released the following statement:

It is indeed true that Mr Corbyn was seen acting normally without creeping anyone out or creating a strange atmosphere with his presence. We would like to assure the public that he has not been bumped off and replaced with a doppelganger called Norris.”

“We promise this is as true, honest….

After speaking at Prime Minister’s questions, David Cameron poked Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly in the cheek just to see if it was really him and not a shapeshifting lizard or a robot.


Jeremy Corbyn 2 by Global Justice Now (CC-BY-2.0)Jeremy Corbyn by Global Justice Now (CC-BY-2.0)