Now that Germany has decided to allow parents of children of indeterminate sex to leave the gender entry on their birth certificates blank the authorities have decided to go one step further.

[adsenseyu1]Those children born as ‘intersex‘ with a mixture of male and female chromosomes in Germany will no longer have ‘male’ or ‘female’ on their birth certificates. This will be left blank to allow the child to choose when they are old enough.

But in a ground-breaking move, the European Union is thought to be taking this a step further and have the gender entry in all birth certificates across the region removed completely and replaced by the words ‘Human Being‘.

This will be a great move forward in equality,” said an EU Commission spokeshuman “no longer will human beings be pigeon-holed from birth“.

The British government has grasped this and will, in its usual way, gold plate any regulations forthcoming and plans to further remove the gender stereo-typing by banning the use of pink and blue where babies’ clothes, accessories and nursery decorations are concerned.

But equality activists say that this does not far enough. They want to see all children dressed in identical style clothing up to puberty and beyond. “We must seize this opportunity to create gender equality from birth,” said their spokeshuman “no-one should be able to tell whether the child is male or female until the obvious happens. And even then we should look at ways of continuing this gender anonymity so that, in time, no-one would ever know whether someone was male or female – ever“.

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