Peter Stringfellow has come out in support of Lord Bradford’s pro business agenda for London’s Westminster City Council says UKIP.

[adsenseyu1]Both men see the proposals to impose week-end and evening parking charges in the West End and anti-business.

Lord Bradford said that he was ‘utterly incensed’ with the proposals and Peter Stringfellow said that ‘It was getting to the stage where jobs were on the line and people wouldn’t be able to afford to work in the West End.’

Peter Stringfellow has congratulated the 7th Earl of Bradford, Richard Bridgeman, on starting the opposition to the parking charge proposals, which, Says UKIP, brought about the resignation of Westminster Council’s leader, Colin Barrow.

But while supporting UKIP on this Peter Stringfellow remains a staunch conservative despite the coalition being in his eyes ‘an utter fiasco’. But he has already said that he will be backing Lord Bradford in his bid to win a seat on the Westminster City Council.

He went on to say that “We should be supporting and congratulating wealth creators and those who provide jobs, not attacking them. This anti business approach will not get us out of a recession.”

Lord Bradford said “The Conservatives see Westminster as their fiefdom. We should be making it easy for people to access businesses and for such proposals to be put forward in Britain’s entertainment capital is madness. The residents of Hyde Park ward and the businesses were completely ignored over these proposals and I am standing to be a voice for them, a real opposition on a council which takes the people for granted.”


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