A photograph has been discovered of Prince Harry looking absolutely nothing like James Hewitt whatsoever.

[adsenseyu1]The discovery was made in Bengbu, China by Mr Imay Bee Wong as he went through some holiday photos taken two years ago whilst staying in London.

I was showing my neighbours some photos of our trip to London when one photo jumped out at me. It was a selfie of myself with some dark haired chap and a Romanian accent who revealed to me that he was Prince Harry and the photo was taken in the Rose and Cross Inn in Stepney.

He said that if I gave him £50 quid he would pose for me in a selfie and I could show my friends when I got home in order to improve my status in my local community of duck farmers. Well I had never seen a photo of Prince Harry before in my life so I jumped at the chance.

If you look at Prince Harry in the photo he looks nothing like James Hewitt at all.”

Clarence House have confirmed that a photo has emerged of the Prince baring no resemblance to James Hewitt who was having an affair with Prince Harry’s mother 9 months prior to his birth and the picture is to be printed on special stamps to commemorate the Prince’s 30th birthday.


Prince Harry by Glyn Lowe (CC-BY-2.0)Prince Harry by Glyn Lowe (CC-BY-2.0)