Princess Kate Middleton’s saucy second cousin, Katrina Darling is a burlesque stripper and has been getting New Yorkers into a lather at club WIP.

The 21 year old only discovered her royal connection  just over a year ago but the pair have not met in yet in the flesh.

[adsenseyu1]Katrina has one naughty routine sure to fire off a few cannons for the anti-royals which involves her stripping to the national anthem and the Sex Pistols classic, ‘God Save the Queen’ and ends up with only the bare essentials covered and New Yorkers at club WIP loved every minute of it.

But by day the sexy vixen works for Barclays bank in London.

According to reports,  Katrina is not too concerned about what the royals think about her burlesque dancing seeing as she is just a young woman having a bit of fun and playing with the art of burlesque.

The media have turned on Katrina for taking advantage of her royal relative to make money in a tasteless way but Katrina has laid to rest those accusations claiming she has been doing the routine for longer than she knew she was of the same lineage as Princess Kate Middleton.

Anyway there are plenty of ‘Royals’ who have been associated with strippers in the past so what is the problem?

Is it because she is 100% fitter than Pippa Middleton and Kate combined?

Here is Katrina in action back last year.



Image By Oxyman [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons