A family Hamster managed to claw his way back through 2 feet of mud from his grave after coming back to life.

[adsenseyu1]The Hamster has been renamed Jesus because of his apparent miraculous resurrection from the dead drawing parallels between a four year old family pet and the son of the living God and he who has paid the ultimate price for our sins which will prevent man from enduring an eternity in hell suffering for his sins providing man accepts his salvation.

Rhino’s owner. David Eyley from Wantage in Oxfordshire decided to bury the pet after he was found cold and lifeless in his hamster cage.

But after being buried overnight Rhino was found wondering around the garden the following day.

According to Mr Eyley, the hamster formerly known as Rhino had rigor mortis before being buried and therefore was way beyond clinical death.

However hamsters are unusual rodents that can go into hibernation of the temperature falls bellow ten degrees Celsius but with a bit of heat they soon pop back to life and avoid the giant hamster wheel in the sky for a while longer at least.



Roborovski by Justin Paul Barrass