Tony Blair’s conscience has been found inside the mind of a Tibetan boy who is said to be Mr Blair’s conscience reincarnated.

[adsenseyu1]The unexpected discovery was made in Lhasa when a young boy ran home crying to his mother saying that he made a terrible mistake going to war with Iraq and invading Afghanistan.

Tibetan government official Mr Ommmmmm told the Joe Bloggs Times “we are convinced this young man is the reincarnation of Tony Blair’s conscience, he is even making mandalas depicting him standing in front of the united nations begging for forgiveness only to sweep the mandala away and repeat the very same image over and over again“.

His mother is worried that all the money from his paper round is being sent to Iraqi children“.

Tony Blair’s office has yet to respond to the discovery but a generous donation from the Tony Blair Foundation for Abject Hypocrisy to the unnamed young boy in Tibet in order has been made to ensure he remains away from any press for the sake of his family’s well being; just in case some natural disaster like a gunshot befall them.


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