Anyone who plays the UK Lottery using the internet will have got an E-Mail recently saying that only those with UK based IP addresses will be able to get on the site and play after April 23rd.

[adsenseyu1]Anyone else will find that they are blocked from the site.

This is all part of making it clear that you can only win a prize if you buy a ticket whilst you are in the UK.

But it turns out that it has some awkward unintended consequences. Our brave service people are also banned from playing despite paying taxes, suffering privation and danger on duty as well as getting injured and in some cases making the final sacrifice.

The shadow defence secretary, Jim Murphy, has condemned this stupid situation and sent a letter to Camelot’s chief Executive Dianne Thompson, reports the Sun.

In it he says “They are British taxpayers and give unparalleled service to our country. They do not decide to leave our country — we send them overseas to protect our country, often at short notice. We all benefit from their dedication and patriotism. The very least they deserve is the opportunity to share in the chance of a million-pound Lottery win like the rest of us.”

Let’s hope that some sense will prevail and that our soldiers will be able to play the Lottery when serving wherever they may be.

The Royal Navy should be OK on their ships as they are considered as serving on UK territory, but not so sure about the personnel who serve on Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels though.