Facebook tax of £5,000 raises outcry

Claims that Facebook paid nearly £5,000 tax on profits of £28.5 million last year have been met with outrage after millions of users said it was disgusting that this useful public service paid any tax at all.

[adsenseyu1]protesters turned out in their hundreds of thousands across the UK to express their anger at the unfair taxation of such a monument to modern cultural living.

In fact,” said one avid Facebook user “we should be paying a licence fee to use it, just like we pay one to use the BBC.

Since the Facebook tax revelation scores of online petitions have been posted calling for a referendum on having a ‘Facebook Licence’. The petition on the government website hit 90,000 within a few hours.

Facebook is far more important and useful to most people that all the TV and radio stations,” said another supporter “so surely a Facebook licence fee is the only way ahead.

I am wholeheartedly with this one,” said MP for Upper Wealthier, Tom Upisowen, putting down his copy of the FT. “This will ensure that Facebook is secured for the future of us shareholders … I mean the British public.” he went on.


There are also growing calls for Facebook to receive European Union funding, especially after it transpired that the EU, via the German chancellor Angela Merkel, was telling it what it could and could not allow to be published.

If EU funding and a licence fee are good enough for the Beeb, then they’re good enough for us at Facebook,” said a spokesperson.

We can’t tax Facebook!” sobbed one teenager “It might make them shut down, then where would I be? No life, no friends, no photos ….. . We must make sure that Facebook lives on forever, even if it means taxing my parents £1,000 a year each.