A video has hit the internet of an attorney from Seattle claiming to have been part of a US government time travel program.

[adsenseyu1]Andrew Basiago has said that between the ages of 7 and 12 he was a guinea pig in the ‘Project Pegasus’ in the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

Apparently Project Pegasus was a Defence department project that used Nikola Tesla’s unpublished papers to devise systems of time travel that allowed physical time travel and teleportation as well as other systems where past events could be recreated and viewed.

Basiago’s father was also involved in the program he says, which tested the effects of time travel on both adults and children.

Two side effects were noted such as chronic dehydration and effects similar to diabetes as well as some unfortunate risks such as an incident in which a boy teleported to location before his legs did.

Andrew mentioned one incident where he said he time travelled dressed as a Union bugle boy back to the Gettysburg address made by Abraham Lincoln and is in a photograph taken in 1863.

He was also present at the assassination of Lincoln in the theatre but did not witness the event itself he says.

One of two things can be concluded after watching the video of Basiago.

Either the man is insane or there is a cover up going on…….the trouble is he seems very convincing and rational.

Judge for yourself.



TARDIS By electriccynic

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