Recent increases in the activity of the sun have revealed images and videos of an unidentified object circling very close to the sun.

Many people have claimed that this is some sort of alien craft or artefact and when a live video feed was pulled this started the claims of a NASA cover-up of alien activity.

But the truth is much scarier than that. The object is not a UFO, we can reveal that it is actually a black hole, and the ‘umbilical cord’ connecting the two in the video is really a pipeline of matter being sucked from our life giving sun into the cold heart of the singularity.

The blank hole (NASA Top Secret designation SP-(00)-F1) is in reality extremely small, the edge of what looks like an orb is just its ‘event horizon’ where even light cannot escape.

It is thought that, as time goes on, more and more matter will be sucked from the sun decreasing its mass and size. This decrease in the sun’s size will accelerate as the black hole gets denser until the whole sun is hoovered up into the black hole’s event horizon. By that stage the Earth will have become a cold and lifeless lump of rock on the verge itself of breaking up and being sucked into the bowels of the ever hungry monster, its atmosphere and water having already been stripped away.

NASA has declined to respond to this revelation but a spokesperson, who did not want to be named said that “…Nothing much will matter after a week next Tuesday”.

Object close to sun

Object close to sun