Director James Cameron has returned from the depths after a successful expedition to the deepest part of the ocean.

[adsenseyu1]The 57 year Director of Avatar, Titanic and The Abyss fulfilled his personal dream of exploring the depths of the Mariana (or Marianas) Trench making him the first person to make the hazardous journey since 1960 made by Swiss engineer, Jacques Piccard and US Navy Captain Don Walsh.

The location of the Mariana Trench is 200 miles off the south west of the Island of Guam in the pacific ocean and it is here that James Cameron spent more than three hours filming and exploring in the 12 ton Deepsea Challenger submersible craft. It had however prior to the launch been James’s intention to spend a further 3 hours in the trench.

According to National Geographic Society, the ascent was faster than planned and only took 70 minutes.

Cameron reached depths of 35,756 feet below the waves observing and recording in detail the alien environment that is not dissimilar to the type of story lines he brings the silver screen.

Celebrity congratulations were more than forthcoming, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jessica Alba were quick to take to twitter to praise the courageous explorer.

The scale of the descent is a little difficult to imagine when you consider the Marianas Trench is a mile deeper than Everest is high and 120 times larger than the Grand Canyon.

Congratulations to James Cameron and all involved.


Piccard's Bathyscape

Piccard’s Bathyscape